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FROM ZAR 16,790.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

This resort in the heart of the Azuri Marine complex offers myriads of facilities within the large estate. Azuri can be a fun place for families or a retreat for couples; how about an ocean front room with private plunge pool....

FROM ZAR 12,730.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

This is a small intimate resort; charming but with a great vibe. It is within walking distance of the beach and you are only five minutes from the bustling town of Grand Baie with its markets, cafes and nightlife....

FROM ZAR 13,000.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Pure love and literary inspiration; Virginie and Paul were lovers. When Virginie drowned on the sailing ship Saint Geran off Mauritius’ north-east coast during a cyclone, Paul was so devastated that he died shortly after of a broken heart....

FROM ZAR 13,075.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Solana is great value in the magnifique Belle Mare beach area of the island. Add on the fabulous all-inclusive for outstanding value for money....

FROM ZAR 13,080.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

This adults only hotel is located in the popular North West of the island. The Recif is a must to recharge and get back to the essentials....

FROM ZAR 13,724.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Nestling in a pretty garden, the Coral Azur Mont Choisy Hotel overlooks a delightful beach of golden sand, bordered by filao trees....

FROM ZAR 14,184.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Friday Attitude is situated on the East coast of Mauritius, at Trou d'Eau Douce....

FROM ZAR 14,368.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Villas Caroline Beach Hotel is located in the village of Flic en Flac on the West coast on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island....

FROM ZAR 14,758.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

This stunning resort hotel places Mauritius guests in an island paradise....

FROM ZAR 14,772.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

The refined and understated luxury of Preskil Beach Resort projects itself as being elegant without being intrusive, and blends harmoniously with the typical Creole architectural style of Mauritius, giving it a unique status of holiday, leisure and relaxation....

FROM ZAR 11,350.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Located along beautiful Dolphin Bay in sought-after Flic en Flac, Anelia Resort & Spa is the perfect place to experience all the wonders of Mauritius....

FROM ZAR 9,590.00

5 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

If it’s sun, sand, surf and island style you’re after, look no further than Tamarin Hotel....

FROM ZAR 32,400.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Located on one of the best beaches in Mauritius, this five-star resort offers a haven of idyllic island leisure....

FROM ZAR 26,450.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort / Sugar Beach COMBO...

FROM ZAR 15,562.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

NORTH COAST: Situated at the northern tip of Mauritius, between the fishermen's village of Cap Malheureux and the lively village of Grand Bay, across the road from the beach...

FROM ZAR 19,300.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Escape to a world where the sounds of traffic and construction become a distant memory....

FROM ZAR 17,920.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Coral Strand Hotel occupies a prime position on the famous Beau Vallon Beach on the North West side of Mah Island....

FROM ZAR 14,290.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Mauricia is known for its excellent location. The smart-casual character of Mauricia blends high quality accommodation with superb service....

FROM ZAR 21,500.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Furnished with warm tones, wood hues the colour of sunset, rustic thatch roofs and lush vegetation surrounding you wherever you are on the gorgeous grounds of this spectacular resort, Canonnier is its own category of paradise....

FROM ZAR 17,470.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

Vast tropical grounds, a location with its own peninsula hugged by three beaches, Shandrani is the first choice for action-filled holidays for families and nature lovers....

FROM ZAR 21,680.00

7 Nights (Seasonal Pricing applies)

The ingenious design of this resort is in its layout, created so that suites do not look into one another, for maximum peace and privacy. Interiors reflect authentic island style, with natural colours and wood finishes creating a light, soul-restoring......

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Destiny Holidays – Mauritius

We all need to have experiences that provide us with complete escapism; a place where routine and predictability are non-existent – welcome to the Mauritius holiday package; the key to an idyllic island paradise. 

Region Overview

Mauritius is an island nation that is located off the southeast coast of Africa. Its roots can be traced back to the 16th Century when it was claimed by the Dutch. After occupation by the French and British - at different time periods - it finally gained independence in 1968; it was declared the Republic of Mauritius in 1992.

The country enjoys a tropical climate due to its positioning near the Tropic of Capricorn. The summer season runs from November to May, during this time visitors can expect temperatures to range from a moderate 22 °C to a warm, beach-perfect 35 °C.

From May to November, a cool dry winter can be anticipated. During this period, temperatures range between 17°C and 26°C; unlike many countries, there is not a big discrepancy in temperature, making Mauritius a holiday destination that can be enjoyed all-year round.

Owing to its history, this is one of the most culturally-diverse countries in the world. It is home to a population made up from five different nations - each of which brought their unique values and traditions that include languages, cuisine and music. The amalgamation of these elements gives the country its multicultural melting pot reputation.

Language, Cuisine and Music

The majority of the people are bilingual – fluent in English and French; however, Creole (a natural language developed from a mixture of different languages) and French are prominent.

So, what's on the menu? Mauritian cuisine embraces Chinese, European and Indian heritage; French dishes have also gained popularity. Your senses will be delighted by the aromatic curries and the wonderful variety of Asian cuisine – it's guaranteed that you'll fall in love with the food. Please take note that the dress code for dinner is smart casual; men are required to where long trousers.

If you're in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, there is plenty of rum to go around. Mauritius boasts three distilleries - Grays, Medine and St Aubin. Rum and Coke, anyone?

In addition to cuisine, music is seen as an integral part of a culture's identity. In Mauritius you'll find a specific genre known as Sega. It is believed that this music originated during the time of the slave trade and therefore it's sung in Creole. There are five traditional instruments that are used: the maravanne (rattle); moutia (hand drum); the goatskin drum (ravanne); triangle and bow.

You'll be pleased to know that banks remain open to accommodate inbound and outbound flights. The general operating hours are: Monday to Thursday: 9.15 am - 3.15 pm, Friday: 9.15 am -3.30 pm, Saturday: 9.15am -11.15 am.

  • It is advisable to have travel insurance to cover the following:
    • Medical emergency expenses
    • Loss of money
    • Loss of your belongings

Power points are 220v square-pinned plugs and so you will need to bring a universal adapter in order to charge your devices.


Mauritius is a hub of activity; the phrase "there's nothing to do" will never cross your mind. Whether you prefer to stay on land or would like to head straight to the turquoise water, there's something for everybody.

Golf: Mauritius has some of the most stunning golf courses in the world; picture it: you set up your tee, take your swing, hear the sweet ping of a top shot and watch as it speeds down the fairway, flanked by lush trees and epic ocean.

The highly sought-after courses include: Le Paradis at Le Morne, Belle Mare Plage, Le Touessrok, Tamarina, Domaine Bel Ombre and Four Seasons at Anahita.

Once you're done with your round, head back to your resort to enjoy a delicious dinner and a well-deserved drink.

Shopping: The paradise moniker is just as relevant here as it is for the beaches. From shopping malls with hundreds of luxury-brand stores to craft markets boasting artisan jewelry and artwork, you're going to be able to have a true shopping spree. Ready, set, go!

The manufacturing of textiles is prevalent in Mauritius and therefore you can expect to find clothes, clothes and more clothes! You'll find everything from traditional Indian garments to great beach wear. 

Nightlife: Beach bars, clubs and pubs are the mainstay of the nightlife in Mauritius. They are all known for the friendly, relaxed ambiance of an island paradise. Cocktails, wine and beer are staples that are loved by all and flowing every night. Prices vary depending on where you go, but the fun will never end!

Watersports: Scuba diving, kite surfing and snorkeling

Mauritius is synonymous with beach fun! Scuba diving, kite surfing and snorkeling are highly recommended.

Scuba diving gives you the opportunity to explore the picturesque underwater world. The majority of the hotels have designated diving centres and will have everything you need to ensure you have a memorable experience. Snorkeling is also available if scuba diving doesn't tickle your fancy.

If you're keen for something more extreme to get your adrenalin pumping, then kite-surfing is calling your name. The experience of gliding through the ocean is absolutely incredible.

Black River Gorge National Park

  • The Black River Gorge National Park is the largest endemic forest in Mauritius. There are over 50 kilometres of trails for you to enjoy. The most popular include:
    • Mare aux Joncs waterfall - 4 km distance
    • Parakeet - 6 km distance
    • Macchabee-Petrin – 10 km distance

There are trails that run deeper into the forest, but this will require you to be quite fit and up for a challenge. The upside is that you will uncover beauty that no one else will see.

All of the trails provide you with awe-inspiring views of the mighty trees and majestic waterfall – this is the epitome of peace. It's perfect for those who have come to Mauritius to "unplug" completely and revitalise mind and body.

Boat cruises

If you want to see as much of Mauritius as possible, then one of the epic organised tours is for you. Here is just a taste of what you can expect: How about swimming with dolphins? That's right! You can spend time interacting with some of the cutest creatures on Earth. Dolphins hunt during the night and so during the day they just want to relax and be sociable. This is a cruise that you have to take.

All of the cruises take you to the best snorkeling spots. You'll be amazed at the marine life that you find beneath the surface.

There are many from which to choose, but all of them will give you an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else on Earth. Book your Maurituis holiday package today! 

Budget Guide

Ok, so by now you're about ready to book your Mauritius holiday package, right? That's fantastic, but the last thing that you want is to run out of money during your trip. Here is a list of the approximate price of food, drink and certain services. Please remember that prices will change depending on where you go.

Please note that prices are shown in American Dollars (USD).

  • There's no doubt that you're going to need one (or all) of these beverages during your trip. Water will help you stay hydrated, coffee will give you the caffeine kick that you need to keep enjoying everything that's available, and sometimes there's nothing better than an ice-cold soft drink.
    • A one litre bottle of water - $3.16 
    • A soft Drink - $4 
    • A cup of coffee - $4.17 
  • Whether you're out for a night on the town or sitting down to a scrumptious dinner, a glass of wine or a beer is the perfect accompaniment.
    • Local Beer - $4.60
    • Alcoholic Cocktail - $8.62 - $11.50 
    • A glass of wine - $8.62 - $11.50 
    • A bottle of house wine - $40.24 – $71.85
    • Spirits (pouring brand) $5.75 - $8.62
  • You're going to get hungry throughout the day. Grab a snack in the afternoon and at the end of the day, enjoy a gourmet dinner.
    • Light lunch such as a sandwich or pizza - $11.50 – $12.93 
    • Plain burger - $17.24 
    • A 3-course dinner -  $51.73 – $143.70 
  • There's nothing stopping you from enjoying the best of both worlds. Enjoy your activities during the day and then come back to the resort for a calming massage. If your kids are on holiday with you, there are babysitting services available.
    • Standard spa massage - $100.59 
    • Dive for a qualified diver from $57.48
    • Babysitting Between - $7.18 & $12.93 per hour (plus transport)
  • If you need to get to your next activity quickly, make use the taxis.
    • Taxi service approx. $17.24 each way (for a 10km journey). Prices are negotiated upfront and generally are not metered. 

Mauritius is a haven that is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's not only the ultimate beach-holiday package destination; it also has cultural and historical elements that you will find fascinating.

Mauritius needs to be on your travel bucket-list. It will enrich your soul and delight all of your senses. Are you ready?