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Are you searching for a travel destination encompassing over 20, 000 palaces, music, dance and colourful festivals? Or perhaps tropical and lush forests nearby pristine beaches lapped up by warm waters? Then look no further than the popular and picturesque Bali. Since the 1960’s, Bali has exploded as a favourite tourist destination and there is little wonder why. It incorporates a contrast of places such as Kuta beach where the hustling bustling nightlife takes place.

Compared to other places like Legian where activities are quieter and more serene for reading, meditating, lazing on the beach or going for a relaxing massage. And if it’s family activities you’re after, visit Nusa Dua for fun-filled water sports. There are also locations such as Ubud unveiling Bali’s cultural-richness and lifestyle.

Getting Around in Bali
Getting around in Bali is never a real problem due to the various means of transport. There are taxis, self-driven cars, hotel shuttles, chauffeurs and limousines easily available. Because of the density and the small size of the island, traffic tends to move at a snail-like pace. Otherwise, there are communal buses called Bemos which are quickly hailed down. And if your destination is not too far, walking could be easier (which most people do). If you want, you also have the option of hiring a motorcycle – just be careful of the busy traffic.

The Language & Religion
As a visitor, language barriers are the least of your worries; English is commonly spoken around tourist destinations. However, Bahasa Indonesian is the most popular language whereas many sometimes use Bahasa Bali. As for the religion, the Balinese celebrate a variety of spiritual practices from Islam and Christianity to Balinese Hinduism also called Agama Hindu Dharma, which is the most popular. Balinese Hinduism religion stems from Shivaism and Buddhism.

The Climate
The tropical climate is one of the reasons tourists flock to the pretty island. Located near the equator means temperatures are 30 degrees on average all year long. And if you are visiting during October and April expect sunshiny days with high humidities and a downpour of rain. As the humidity drops and cooler evenings presents itself, the weather becomes more chilled from May to September,

What To Wear
The hot climate calls for breathable clothes consisting of cotton and linens. Your luggage should also include pashminas and shawls for when you visit the temples (they are required). Otherwise, a purchase at a local store should not be too difficult. The only time light jackets, hoodies or warm sweaters are needed, is when visiting the interior mountains.

Health Information
Unless you are arriving from location specifically known or unknown for contamination, Bali requires no obligatory vaccinations. However, due to the risk of Zika virus, it is advisable to get routine vaccinations. Also, before and after your trip, take precautions against mosquito bites and sexual exposure to the Zika virus. Water is also a common cause of diarrhoea, so drink boiled or bottled water to lower your risk. This includes ice (unless you know its direct source). Furthermore, be cautious of the food from the vendors.

Dull moments in Bali are far and few between. Travellers embark on activities which include playing and splashing at amusement & water parks; swimming alongside magnificent waterfalls; visiting museums and historical sites; participating in the thrilling nightlife; taking on outdoor adventures and enjoying luxury downtime at spas and wellness centres. There are also breathtaking and insightful tours that make visiting Bali so much more fruitful.

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Visit Historical Sites & Museums

Tirta Gangga – $0.466
Built in 1948, the Tirta Gangga is a stunning three level complex garden. The vision of the last Raja (King) of Karangasem is now a popular tourist attraction because of its lush vegetation, ornate bridges with dragon statues, ponds, fountains and meditation areas. A sarong is required to enter.

Agung Rai Museum of Art – Cost from $1.24
Offering traditional Balinese art and free coffee or tea as you enter, the Agung Rai Museum of Art is incredible in size and fascinating for its collection of paintings and history. Built on beautiful surrounding grounds, visiting the museum is a lovely cultural experience.

Outdoor Activities

Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking and Coffee Plantation Tour – Cost from $41.66
The early bird gets the worm with this very well organised sunrise tour. The ascent takes approximately 2 hours but the spectacular scenic views and the yummy breakfast makes it worthwhile. The guides are patient and well-informed, with plenty of breaks on the hike. Get to the top of Mount Batur for an unforgettable experience.

Bali Quad Bike Adventure – Cost from $46.87
On the search for an exhilarating escapade through forests and rice paddies? Look no further than the Bali Quad Bike Adventure. Another well-organised tour where you are picked up and dropped off at your hotel to take the 2-hour quad bike tour (guided). It includes lunch and showers.

Ultimate Bali Countryside Cycling Adventure – Cost from $48.95
If you are interested in getting a glimpse of the rural life in Bali, this country cycling tour is a must. Ride through the forests, villages, bamboo plantations, rice paddies and over small hills for the ultimate fun-filled look at Bali. Pick a sunny day and all will be perfect. With breakfast & lunch included and trips to coffee spots, disappointment is unlikely.


Cultural Tours

Bali Monkey Forest, Mengwi Temple and Tanah Lot Afternoon Tour – Cost from $60.41
This tour is quite popular amongst tourists as you visit the exotic village of Gulingan and the stunning Royal Temple of Mengwi (Pura Taman Ayun). Interact with the many native monkeys in Monkey Forest and if you are brave enough hold and caress some fruit bats. The last part of the tour sees you visiting picturesque Tanah Lot for a sunset.

Ubud Tanah Lot Tour – Cost from $26.04
And if you have not seen enough of Tanah Lot, there is a valuable one-day tour which takes you on a more explorative journey. Learn about the irrigation systems on the rice terraces in Tegalalan and see first-handed the interesting process of how Luwak coffee is made. Later on, find yourself heading to Ubud the central spot for arts and crafts in Bali.


Snorkelling Tours & Boat Tours

Padang Bay – Cost from $60
Snorkel amongst splendid corals and fish at attractive Padang Bay. The small coastal town is situated east of Bali near Candidasa and the snorkel tour includes lunch.

Nusa Dua Snorkelling – Cost from $53
Explore the low tides of Nusa Dua and find yourself exploring starfish, sponges and shells. The beaches are white and amazing for long swims.

Snorkelling Menjangan – Cost from $104
Snorkel in Menjangan for a perfect snorkelling day trip. Dive into the perfectly clear waters where colourful fish, sponges, plants, and corals reside

Three Island Boat Cruise – Cost $138
Visit the three amazing sister islands of Bali – Nusa Lambogan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. The cruise is said to be the fastest and most amazing which includes good food, snorkelling and great staff tying it in a perfect package. The boat cruise is not recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 10.

Dolphin Cruise – Cost $86
The Dolphin Cruise is regarded as a favourite, simply for its fun and thrilling speeds. The 2-hour boat trip sees you taken to locations dolphins commonly roam. Included in the trip are breakfast and lunch. The teamwork of the boat crew brings it qualitatively together.

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Who wants to run out of money on holiday? Budgeting is important especially for those small costs we tend to overlook, like water, beers and coffee. Please note that prices might change and this is simply a guide. With so many activities, the heated weather conditions and not to mention the state of the water makes staying hydrated essential. This brings hydration at the top of your budget list.

Mineral Water $0.50 – $1.60
Soft Drink USD $0.50 – $2.20

Visiting a new country means participating in the delectable foods on offer and Bali is not short on extraordinary dishes. If you are a real foodie, here is what it will cost you:

Buffet-style dinner in a hotel $20 – $70
Lunch in a local restaurant $10 – $30
Dinner in a local restaurant $10 – $30
Fast food meal $3 – $7

And along with food usually comes some sort of alcoholic drink to further enliven the vibe. Also, with the vibrant nightlife in Bali chances are it will quickly be a common expense.

Local Beer $2.50 – $5.00
Local wine $3.30 – $5.50 per glass
Imported wine $40 – $70 per bottle
Prices for western style mixed drinks $3.50 – $4.40

Getting around Bali is going to be important because some places require boat trips, Bemos or some sort of paid transport facility.

One-way Ticket (Local Transport) – $0.26
Monthly Pass (Regular Price) – $14.99
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) – $0.52
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) – $0.52
Taxi 1hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) – $3.00

In case it slipped your mind to bring some essential clothes, or perhaps you wish to buy some gifts for home, this is what you will spend:

1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar) – $18.74
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, …) – $32.44
1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) – $54.34
1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes – $53.72

Are you ready to experience the magic of Bali?

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