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It is an unfortunate irony that holiday planning can actually be really stressful. Where do you want to go, when should you go, what is the budget, is it ideal for couples, is it safe, is it family-friendly, what are the visa requirements? Trying to answer all of these questions can become overwhelming, increasing the stress that you’re trying to curtail in the first place. The only solution to all of that is simply take advantage of a special deal and book an island holiday package. The overarching draw of travel packages is that everything is already included and organised for your convenience, and on top of that, even making it cost-effective.

Additionally, travel packages open you up to adventures and destinations that you might not have considered.

  • Travel packages usually incorporate the following:
  • Duration of stay at the chosen destination
  • Accommodation (with options to choose half-board, full-board, and all-inclusive meal plans)
  • Flight bookings
  • Essential information such as visa requirements and safety or health precautions

The benefits of booking an island package with Destiny Holidays include:

1. Less research required: All of the cumbersome work of planning the trip has already been done for you. You don’t have to spend hours on the internet wondering whether the information provided is actually correct. You can rather spend your time ensuring that you have the essentials that you will need for the trip.

2. Personal, medical, and financial protection: The reality is that there are always going to be certain areas in any country that are less safe than others. With a travel package, you can rest assured that your accommodation will be situated in a safe area.
Agents will often advise you to opt for travel insurance which can easily be added to your travel package, and for good reason – travel insurance not only protects you medically, but also financially. It covers the costs of lost or broken luggage, missed flights, trip cancellations, weather damage, and emergency assistance, to name a few.

3. Better trip management: What happens if your flight is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions – what do you do? Our travel agents at Destiny Holidays are able to advise you about the best time to travel to your chosen destination, and the best package specials for you.

4. Savings and discounts: The travel industry is incredibly competitive, leading to many agencies offering deals and promotions that will save you a considerable amount of money. Your accommodation is most likely going to be much cheaper via a travel company such as Destiny Holidays compared to booking it yourself. You are also more likely to receive special discounts on various activities such as cruises and guided tours.

5. Up-to-date information: At Destiny Holidays, our travel agents are experts in the field, and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing travel laws specific to each country. The requirements for visas, for instance, may change without your knowledge, leading to potential issues such as the embassy or airport immigration denying your visa or entry to the island, which would ruin your holiday plans.

There is no doubt that booking a travel package will take a lot of stress out of your holiday planning. It will save you time and money, and also come in handy should any issues arise during the trip. You are also given options to choose your meal plans and budget accordingly, leaving you some leeway to spend the extra cash on souvenirs and irresistible purchases to preserve memories of your well-deserved holiday.

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