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There is so much to explore and experience in the world, and being able to share it with the special ones that you love, is priceless; no matter where the destination, it’s important to escape from routine and experience something special with the whole family – Destiny Holidays is here to help you find the perfect fun-filled family trip. Beach island holidays are renowned for the plethora of activities that are available for the mom, dad and the kids to enjoy.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline kick, then kite-surfing should definitely be on your schedule. The feeling of flying through the water, feeling the cool spray of the waves, combined with the postcard-worthy view is absolutely phenomenal. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two activities that have to be on your bucket list. There is a whole underwater world filled with weird and wonderful marine life that is just waiting to be explored. You can expect to see animals such as turtles, marlin, frogfish, cuttlefish, stingrays and so much more. If you’d like to experience a real treat, why not book a boat tour – expert guides know exactly where the best spots are for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Oh, and don’t worry, there are plenty of activities to keep the children busy. The Adaraan Select Hudhuranfushi in the Male atoll of the Maldives, for example is a fantastic family destination. The resort has children’s play areas, a kiddie’s pool and much more. There are just as many activities to keep you all busy when you’re not in the water. The culture of the locals found on the islands is unique and special in many ways. From awe-inspiring architecture to tasty cuisine and music, the entire family will be swept up in these wondrous experiences of the senses.

A family holiday is not only an entertaining experience, but the sights, sounds, activities and overall ambiance, will strengthen the family bond. The magic of the islands will help melt away stress and give the family many memories that will stay with you forever.

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