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Paradise exists. A holiday to an exotic island where the sea breeze wisps across your face as you sit under palm trees on a postcard-worthy beach sipping a cocktail, is possible. On these islands, time stands still and relaxation rules; it’s all about living in the moment – like the ice in your cocktail, stress melts and becomes an afterthought. Your soul will be rejuvenated in your chosen utopia.

The idyllic island is situated off the southeast coast of Africa in the warm Indian Ocean. It enjoys a tropical climate and characterised by its white sand and clear, turquoise water; it’s also one of the most culturally-rich islands in the world. It’s marriage of sensational beach-side resorts, variety of activities and the overall tranquil ambiance contribute to its ever-increasing popularity as the perfect island-getaway destination.

If you’re looking for beach-island destination that besides being an oasis of peace, also has fascinating history, then Zanzibar is for you. It consists of many small islands, but the duo of Unguja and Pemba are the largest. It’s known as one of the Spice Islands due to the abundance of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper; you can expect to excite your pallet with flavourful and aromatic food. You’ll find calmness at the beach-side resorts and intrigue at historical sites such as Stone Town.

The Seychelles is a country that is made up of 115 islands – there is no doubt that you’re spoiled for choice, here. The islands are well-known for the unique tastes and sounds, which are a result of the fusion of different cultures throughout its history. This has to be experienced to be fully understood. The Seychelles is a true (sense)ational paradise; you will create memories that will be engrained within you, forever.

The Maldives lies southeast of India in the Arabian Sea. It is made up of 26 atolls (ring-shaped islands). They are all the epitome of an “untouched, unspoiled” paradise. It’s also the best scuba diving spot on the planet – tourists flock from all over the world to see the exquisite marine life – expect to see everything from whale sharks to eagle rays.

A trip to any of these phenomenal islands is a sure-fire way to find that much-needed “escape” that we all need. Whether you are tanning on the beach or swimming beside a moray eel, a beach-island holiday should definitely be on your bucket list.

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