Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar is rich in cultural, historical and exploratory sites that any holiday maker from South Africa would love to see. In the past few centuries, the Arabs, Europeans, Indians and many other travelers made a stop at the island and left a mark that will never be erased. A good example is the Swahili culture that boasts its unique architecture, cuisine and even handmade artifacts and jewellery. Not forgetting the beautiful sandy beaches, the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean and the dense tropical vegetation. The island is home to both marine life and different species of monkeys mostly found in the Jozani Forest Reserve.


Reasons To Visit Zanzibar


1.Enjoy an Unforgettable Beach Vacation

There’s nothing that’s more relaxing than enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean while lying on a sisal daybed or a hammock strung between two palm trees while making full use of your Zanzibar holiday package. The warm sun peeking down on your skin as the breeze from the ocean cools down your body. The feeling is amazing. The air is fresh and full of coconut aroma and you are woken only by the sounds of singing birds. You can also go swimming or surfing at any time, as you enjoy the beautiful scenery.


2.Learn About The History and Culture of Stone Town

The capital of Zanzibar is known as Stone Town which UNESCO declared a World Heritage site. Learn about the Swahili culture. See the Catholic churches, the forts and the Cannons that will remind you of the colonial era. The island has maintained its culture up to date, and you can buy some handmade artifacts and clothes such as the vitenges.


3.World Class Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Sites

Zanzibar has beautiful marine life and scenery. There are several diving and snorkelling sites. You will have the chance to see a variety species of sea life, shipwrecks and explore the marine life at your leisure. If you get to visit during the migration season, you can see humpback whales and plankton-eating sharks.


4.Tour The Spice Farms

The island is famous for the growing of spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, turmeric and many more. After a visit to the farms, you will know how they are planted and all the processes that they undergo till they are ready for use. You can taste and carry some back home for personal use.


5.Luxurious Accommodation

There are several lodges on the island that offer exceptional accommodation. The rooms are well decorated, designed and spacious. The meals are delicious, and the services are great. Some of the lodges include Mnemba, Barazas Resort, Kilindi amongst others.


6.Go Deep Sea Fishing

There are lots of deep-sea sites where you can hire a boat and go fishing. The boats all have the equipment you’ll need. No need to worry if you’re a beginner, there’s always an expert to help you out and teach you some few tricks.


7.Engage in Exciting Activities

In Zanzibar, you don’t have to confine yourself to the beach. You can go quad biking, ride a horse, take yoga classes, among lots of other fun activities.


8.Sustainable Ecotourism

The Chumbe Lodge is highly recommendable when eco-holidaying. The rooms are properly furnished and decorated in the Swahili design. The electricity is solar generated therefore being very eco-friendly. There are also lots of similar lodges on the island.


9.Visit The Jozani Forest

The forest covers 50 square kilometres of the island. It’s home to the endangered kirk red colobus monkeys. You will also find species of other animals such as antelopes, bush babies, chameleons etc.


10.Private Island Escapades

If you are looking to spend a holiday in seclusion, then Zanzibar is the right place. You can choose to live on a private island on your own for the duration of your holiday, anything is possible.

In conclusion, Zanzibar is a great place to spend your holiday with family or your partner. Take some time to relax and have the time of your life in this spectacular island escape.


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