The Ideal Places in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar group of islands is one of the most romantic and exotic places in existence Just fifteen minutes flight from the mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar is home to one of the finest beach destinations in East Africa. It’s full of palm trees and surrounded by coral reefs. A visit to the island complements going on safari on the mainland, even for South Africans. Tourism is the primary source of income for the island which is well known for snorkelling, diving and most importantly, picture perfect sandy beaches.


The Geography of the Island

The island is bigger than one might assume. It takes at least 2 hours to drive from the north to the south. The airport and Stone Town are located on the west and might take you an hour to get to your beach lodge. The east and north parts of the island host the best accommodation joints and beaches.


Where to Stay – Top End

The White Sands Villas in the southeastern Zanzibar fits perfectly in this category. The villas are elegantly clean, simple and luxurious. The Baraza well known for its Arabic design having 36 bungalows each with a private pool, also falls under this category. For the couples going for honeymoon, The Palms is the ideal place to spend your special holiday, this is the ideal type of location to get through a Zanzibar holiday package.


There’s also the La Residence that’s a bit expensive but worth it. The services and accommodation there are exceptional. There’s also Kilindi that’s properly designed and has private rooms, but the beach isn’t that great. Finally, there’s the Mnemba which you will have to dig more from your pocket. But, it offers the best accommodation, and you can be guaranteed you will spend the holiday of your life in that place. It has ten rustic-designed rooms on a tiny island with the best beach in Africa. The accommodation is fantastic.


Where to Stay – Mid Range

In this bracket, the hotels offer excellent accommodation and incorporate facilities such as tennis courts and diving centres. The Ras Nungwi falls into this category and happens to have the best diving centre in Zanzibar. It has 28 rooms and the services offered there are great. There’s also the Breezes Beach club that is ideal for families. The rooms are quite spacious. The Matemwe Bungalows are also good, but the beach there isn’t up to standard.


Where to Stay – Bottom End

There are a bunch of economical hotels on the island that offer excellent accommodation and some delicious meals. One of them is the Shooting Star that is strategically located on a cliff. From the hotel, you will get to have a beautiful view of the island. The rooms are relatively big, and the meals are affordable. The Mchanga Lodge, just some distance from the Shooting Star is also a cosy place to stay. Echo Lodge is the favourite in this category, the accommodation is impressive and the meals are cooked by the owner Andrew. It, therefore, gives the hotel a more personal approach to service delivery.


Zanzibar is a great place to go on vacation. Depending on your budget, you can always find the best to place to stay. The above hotels offer accommodation and other fun-filled activities for South Africans that will make your stay there fabulous.


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