11 Reasons Why I Love Thailand

Reasons Why I Love Thailand

I’ve visited Thailand more times than I can count. I’ve lived in Bangkok a couple times as well. I’ve grown attached to that place, and that’s why I always opt to return there over exploring somewhere new. It’s the only place outside South Africa where I feel at home.


Below are 11 Reasons Why Thailand is One of The Best Countries to Visit


The Thai Cuisine

The cuisine of this country is the best especially when experienced through a Thailand holiday package. There are lots of varieties and flavours. I always order the main pet which has only one chilli. You will come across several outdoor stalls along the streets serving tasty and affordable Thai meals at any time of the day. Other than the Thai Cuisine, there are lots of international foods there. It’s because the country hosts lots of tourists from all over the world.


The Warm Weather

The weather is hot and humid. You can, therefore, rock some shorts and a vest, and bask in the sun. It’s quite sunny and can quite an adjustment if you’re used to cold weather.


The Friendly Locals

The locals are quite friendly and polite to tourists. And you can be assured that they will always help you out even if you can’t speak in Thai. They have a good memory because whenever I come back, the local shop owners I regularly visit always welcome me back cheerfully.


It’s the Ideal Place for Travelers

It’s strategically located. You can always fly to other destinations such as Hong Kong, Bali, Europe and Australia in only a few hours. It’s therefore convenient for a regular traveller and the flight prices are affordable.


The Postcard-Perfect Tropical Islands

Thailand is the ideal place to spend an afternoon on the warm sandy beaches. Despite the fact that several beaches have been destroyed due to unregulated development. There are some good beaches such as the Ko Adang, Ko Achang and Ko Lanta. There are also some good islands near the Malaysian border.


The Dense Jungles

Thailand is home to beautiful jungles that you can hike through. You can see the Elephants in Khao Yai National Park and go on the hill tribe treks near Chiang Mai. The views are exhilarating, and you can even get to see some wildlife.


It Hosts Lots of Tourists

In Thailand, you will meet people from all over the world. There are several international restaurants and global food chains. You will have access to unlimited cultures other than the traditional Thai way of life.


It’s Convenient

Life in Thailand is simple and convenient. You have access to anything at any time. You can even go shopping at 3 am.



Similar to New York, Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. I never liked it much till I moved there. There are lots of things to do and many places to go. The food is terrific and there are lots of events you can attend. It’s impossible to get bored in such a city.


It’s Cheap

Scared that you will overspend when visiting Thailand? Well, travelling and living in Thailand is quite affordable whether you look at food or travel expenses.


So far Thailand has been the best country I have ever visited. Though, every country is unique in its own way. But Thailand is the ideal place for me, and that’s why I will always return to this beautiful country.


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